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Before you get started.... There are lots of general FAQs on various forums, and some pretty good articles recently to lay out some of the basic considerations you need to ponder during the design phase. Check out articles like this one from hybridcars.com There are also some good collections of information on evaluating the pros/cons of gasoline versus electric at some other sites like partsgeek.com .

Interactive forums and examples for EV conversion

diyelectriccar.com - the most 'active' diy group
metricmind.com - great tutorial site on various forms of motors, batteries,and examples
evalbum.austinev.org - a fun place to 'register' your conversion project, and go look at what other people are doing. There are probably close to 2000 conversion projects listed with various degrees of detail.
solarcarandtractor.com - great background in various electric conversions, basics of Peak Oil concerns and how electric vehicles can be part of the post-petroleum picture.
evforum.net -
eaaev.org -
Thundersky Yahoo Group - discussion group on status of Thundersky Li batteries, BMS, group buys, etc
youtube.com -
kiwiev.com -
jerryrig.com -
electric-cars-are-for-girls.com -

EV conversion 'kit' suppliers and tools

kta-ev.com - topnotch supplier of kits and components; been around a LONG time. This outfit has been under new management since Spring 2009 when Ken Koch retired and sold the company to Wister Rhoads, and seems to be holding up well and maintaining excellent service and delivery. They do NOT stock LiFePO4 batteries, so you have to look elsewhere for those.
EVolveElectrics.com - supplier of kits and components. New on the scene, but looking to have good selection, good pricing, and reliable delivery from the couple things I have gotten from them so far... They do stock LiFePO4 batteries, as well as offer discounted pricing if you are willing to order and wait for delivery by 'slow boat from China', which takes about 6-8 weeks.
canev.com - THE direct source for adaptor plate kits ( designed to retain clutch ). There are other shops doing them too... but these guys seem to have a fair number of models in stock and deliver pretty quick.
CurrentEvTech.com - Was set up by Dave Kois, who we thought was an ethical asset in our fight against the slimeball James Morrison/EVComponents/LithiumDepot/LithiumStorage. Turns out he was as bad, or worse, and ripped off the group by selling off a good portion of assets we recovered from Morrison, then we never saw a dime of it. do not buy from this guy!
evconvert.com - Includes a cool interactive tool to estimate range and performance with various components, weights, batteries. Absolute accuracy may not be perfect, but it is a good way to see how changes can affect range.
Kelley Blue book Online - great resource for tech specs (weight) and reasonable values for research when you are looking for a Donor Car.
evcomponents.com - a formerly reputable dealer for whole kits including motors, controllers, chargers, Li batteries, and general components. In April, 2010, the management of the company basically imploded and the Principle (CEO) James Morrison decided not to ship anything to anybody, even those that had fully pre-paid goods. At this time there are numerous complaints against him, possible criminal charges, but customers are still 'un-delivered'. A sad day for the credibility of the EV movement and internet sales in general. I left this link up so I can maybe get found by potential DIYers, and warn them do not buy from this vendor!
ev-america.com -
e-volks.com -
evhelp.com -

Batteries, specs, etc

us battery.com - great batteries, but limited distribution centers. They can be talked into direct delivery if you are buying a bunch all at once, and will give discounts to EV projects. They also will sell empty 'dummies' for $10 ea plus shipping; the way to go for designing racking and pre-fab of cables!
trojan battery -
odyssey batteries -
optima batteries -
everspring.net - Lion
yesa.com.hk- LiFePO4
nilar.com - NiMH
fireflyenergy.com - foam gell batteries
valence - Lithium Phosphate
bradsgolfcars.com - retailer with good prices...

Suzuki-specific stuff

wiringdiagrams21.com - had a free wiring diagram for the 1997 suzuki swift online!
helminc.com shop manuals

Misc tools and supplies

KVM tools - lots of hand tools.... best deal on Greenlee crimper I found....
heatsinkusa.com - great source for big finned heatsink to mount controller. Price is good, and the guy is willing to cut to size.
regal-plastics - in albuquerque-denver, willing to make small deals and deliver.
plasticsupply inc - in albuquerque-denver, willing to make small deals and deliver.
midwestattachments.com for hoods


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Disclaimer of Liability and Assumption of Risk: Working with high voltages in electric vehicles can be dangerous. Working with welding equipment or plasma torch or sawzall and other power tools necessary to fabricate battery racks or create holes necessary to lay the battery racks within an electric vehicle can be dangerous. The purchaser/builder solely assumes all risk. Further, the viewer of this site, and builder of the vehicle, agree to hold harmless Daniel T. Baker and any associates from all loss, liability, or damage resulting from any failures or defects in any project completed with these instructions. It is suggested that the builder follow common-sense safety procedures, such as the utilization of gloves where working with high voltages, and ear protection and goggles when working with power tools.