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EV kit and components

    $ 4956.30 - EV kit from KTA , incl optional heater 
                and vac pump, most of all the little parts, cable, etc tax and S&H
                ...I used the kit from a single vendor to get as much of the stuff to 
                match and just pay one big shipping bill at one time for stuff I would
                have a hard time finding in town.
    $  700.   - transmission adaptor plate and hub - CanEV.com
    $   45.   - inst manual and suggested wiring diagrams - CanEV.com
                I borrowed a couple ideas and combined with the schematics I got from KTA.
    $   57.90 - S&H from CanEV.com
      -137.50 - refund for unused motor clamp that was in KTA kit
    $   17.50 - Deltec 50-50 shunt for 12v amp readings
    $   55.00 - First Inertia switch
    $    5.00 - radio shack mini dpdt toggle switch for reading both HV/LV amps


    $ 1600.   - 12x 8vgchcx (96v) Lead-acid, direct from US. Battery, delivered, incl S&H
    ...showed signs of age starting at about 18 months (8000 miles) as predicted, range 
    dropping from 40 miles to about 25 max, which was not enough to complete daily errands
    with performance sagging badly by the 20 mile mark. I was able to re-sell while still 
    functional to an off-grid PV person for $20 each, which means the 'operational cost' 
    of the lead was close to $.19/mile over the useful life.
    I decided to upgrade my pack to 120v worth of 100ah LiFePO4 for $5416, delivered. 
    Increasing voltage from 96 to 120v for better performance, losing about 500# which
    helped with performance, suspension, and efficiency, should last 10x longer or more 
    (hopefully 100,000+ miles) if the 5000 cycle spec the manufacturers predict holds up
    when the average Depth of Discharge (DOD%) is less than 60%. This increased max daily 
    range possible to about 50 miles, although I typically go 25 or less. This puts the 
    'operational cost' of the Li down close to $.05/mile or less over its expected life.

Battery Racks and plastics

    $   50.   - steel 'scraps': various 1x1x.125 angle, 2x2x.125 angle, 4x.25 flat
    $    5.   - 1/4 square tube for hold-down
    $   12.   - allthread and nuts, bolts
    $   12 .  - 1-1/4" x 8' PVC, elbow, connector for underneath
    $   50    - .118 x 4' x 4' clear polycarb for various
    $   47    - 5# Polypro welding rod, only used about $3 worth....
    $   98    - .25 x 4' x 8' polypro for battery boxes
    $   28.	  - .062 x 4' x 8' black ABS for undercarriage shields, etc
    $   .   - subtotal 

Donor Car and discretionary items

    $  500.	  - 1997 Suzuki Swift, still running w/ 131k miles and getting 40mpg!
    -  150    - sold engine and radiator on craigslist.org
    $  169    - windshield
    $  500    - wheels/tires: aluminum 13x5.5" wheels, kumho solius kr21 155/80r13
    	    ...in retrospect, Al wheels did not seem to improve much if any.
    	    next time I would stick with OEM and smooth hubcaps.
    $ 1019.   - subtotal 

Misc supplies - not in kit

    $   30.   - locktite for adaptor assembly and where needed, enough for a lifetime...
    $    9.   - bolts, nuts, washers for fabricated motor mount brackets, 
                see specific pages for details
    $   17.   - used 1/8" AL plate from scrapyard... used to construct mount for controller.
    $    3	  - (used 3' of 50') weatherstripping for hood scoop- jcwhitney.com
    $   40	  - triple gauge pod for volt, ammeter, charge - jcwhitney.com
    $   10	  - choke cable for cicuit breaker - jcwhitney.com
    $   20    - misc cable connectors from radio shack

Misc tools - 'wanna have'

    $  250      - big battery lug crimper (or rent one). 
                  I bought Greenlee k09-2gl crimper www.kvmtools.us
    $    0      - sawzall, sabre saw
    $  172      - engine crane from JCWhitney.com, incl S&H... 
                  renting would have been $200/week
    $    0      - welder, grinder or friend who can weld
    $  300.     - used Leister 'Triac S' plastic welder w/ tips
    $    0      - 4" angle grinder
    $    0      - miter saw w/ cutoff blade


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Disclaimer of Liability and Assumption of Risk: Working with high voltages in electric vehicles can be dangerous. Working with welding equipment or plasma torch or sawzall and other power tools necessary to fabricate battery racks or create holes necessary to lay the battery racks within an electric vehicle can be dangerous. The purchaser/builder solely assumes all risk. Further, the viewer of this site, and builder of the vehicle, agree to hold harmless Daniel T. Baker and any associates from all loss, liability, or damage resulting from any failures or defects in any project completed with these instructions. It is suggested that the builder follow common-sense safety procedures, such as the utilization of gloves where working with high voltages, and ear protection and goggles when working with power tools.