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    Presumably you have a question, or want to tell me how much you enjoyed poking around this site... ;) Great! However, I want to clarify that I am no super-expert on these topics, just a guy documenting my experience in hopes it helps YOU do the same so we can start to prepare ourselves and our children for the coming post-petroleum world.

    If you email me I will ATTEMPT to answer... but I do have other (paid) work to do in keeping the house afloat, kids fed and all the other daily chores.

    My goal is to present enough information that more 'regular people' decide to embark on significant lifestyle changes.... If you feel that this site was helpful, saved you some time, or entertaining, or inspired you in some small or huge way... feel free to donate whatever you wish, large or small, to help defray the cost of creating and maintaining this site. Consider it 'shareware'!

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