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Hood for the Suzuki Swift (Geo Metro/Pontiac Firefly)...

    Turned out that in summer heat, the controller was getting hotter than I preferred. I could still hold my hand on it, but hey is NOT good for controllers and I didn't want to add fans.

    After marking the actual interference with the mid-rack, I decided to try NOT cutting a hole in the hood, and just making a 'bump'. If things got hot, I figured I could always come back and cut a hole and add a scoop. If things stay cool without a scoop, I would change the mid-rack design for future converstions to minimize the height by not having a top rail, and much simplified heatsink mounting. Without a drip shield and no need for complex edges to seal against the mounting of the heatsink/controller would have been 4 hours or more faster....

    If you click on the final image to see the bigger picture... check out the windshield graphic! I put one on the rear window as well. It turns out to be not that expensive to add custom vinyl lettering. These were $45 each (front and back). I just couldn't help it! The sign shop guys almost have me convinced to spring for a 'full body wrap' instead of painting...

    A good friend looking out for my sense of style found an inexpensive ($10+$18S&H) plastic hood scoop for me to cover the ugly hole I made in the hood. He found it on ebay, but similar items are all over the web for less than $20. I stuck it over the hole, and added a little 'great stuff' along the back edge to help keep it stuck and direct air smoothly down into my heatsink ductwork. After initial squirts, I laid in some Press-n-seal saran from the inside so I could shape it slightly as it cured and provide a plastic surface to resist soaking up water. The details of the process is in the Gallery...

    cutting inside braces and 'bumping' hood: 1 hr
    adding latch support and installing hood: 2 hr
    cutting hood for intake: 1 hr
    adding plastic scoop... 1 minute. ;)
    total : 4 hrs


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