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Controller Install for the Suzuki Swift (Geo Metro/Pontiac Firefly)...

    The Controller installation gets its own page because it is pretty complex in my case where I am constructing a ducted cooling system and active hoop scoop. The first picture shows the charger and controller just balanced leaning against the mid-rack aproximately where they will end up. Look like its all going to fit together...

    I got a big hunk of heatsink after searching around on the internet... Found a great guy at www.heatsinkusa.com who is a machinist at a big company and bought a couple dies for himself and makes small runs on demand. (added after operational testing) The added surface area from all the fins do a GREAT job cooling, and the controller is barely warm to the touch.

    I used 1 x 1 AL angles to standoff the heatsink from the backing plate. I am thinking this will allow freer airflow, and allow leaves or birds and bugs to wash thru. ;) The top edges I tried to design so that I can add mouldings and seal up against the hood scoop, and the bottom has a little angle where I will attach a plastic skirt to try to make sure water drains past motor terminals and vents. The battery charger backing plate I also made out of AL... a recycled street sign from the salvage yard

    Time to design on paper: 1 hr
    cut, drill, tap, trim, mount heat sink, controller and charger :9 hr
    add plastic drip guard : 3 hr
    total : 13 hrs


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