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Component Install for the Suzuki Swift (Geo Metro/Pontiac Firefly)...

    I started with the position of the accel cable and potbox, then the main circuit breaker, and developed the layout from there based on what needed to be next to what using my available shelf space on the mid battery rack. I started on carboard, and then did a more exact layout on posterboard that I figured I could use as a template and drill through to locate mounting holes and such. I ended up just referencing my initial layout, and drilling and adding components on the bottom panel.

    After layout of the components, I cut, drilled and welded on the 'walls'. You have to think about the order you do things so that you can get the welding tip in, and pre-drill all the wall penetrations as it hets a lot harder after some components are in place. This top view shows all the components in place except the heater relay, which I added last after hooking up all the fuse wires. The bottom wires are very hard to reach later!

    Time to layout on paper: 2.5 hr
    fabricate box/lid : 6.25 hr
    circuit breaker and pot box linkages : 1 hr
    install electronics and wiring : 18.75 hr
    install mid-rack with box and build remaining 2/0 cables : 3.25 hr
    total : 31.75 hrs

    ...and the final component layout with all cabling and heater relay in place.


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