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showing the rear pack layout with banding holding together 'blocks' of cells. I found this really very effective and kept things lined up well. the long blocks of 7 I made into blocks of 3, and 4, and then strapped arcoss the blocks to reduce flex. other important tip that I forgot to take a picture of was that I used the edge of a file to 'round' the sharp corners of the battery casing where the strapping went.... very effective is geting the strap to lay into the grooves well and not break on the sharp corner under tension. This rear rack is just about max outside dimensions possible to clear bulkheads and suspension under a metro/swift... so you can see that it MIGHT be possible to jam in 120v worth of 160ah cells, but would probably require putting some more up front or giving up some cargo space. Next time I get in under the seat to check balance, I MIGHT remove all bus straps and re-order to avoid having the main cables lying over several bars. I just don't like the look of possible shorts from long-term vibration.

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