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Zappy had a 'little place in the Sun' as part of the 10/10/10 Rally.

Mostly just as a good example of what CAN be accomplished at an individual level with reasonable investment. It was interesting to me to go thru the homework on CO2 and learn that every gallon of gasoline burned generates about 19.6# of CO2 in addition to other pollutents; and that the generation of electricity at our local Utility (PNM) generates about 1.3# CO2 per kWhr generated with its mix of sources to meet its max capacity of 2700 MW demand (40% coal, 20% nuclear, 4% wind, 3.5% hydro, 0.1% solar, and the balance being Natural Gas turbines that can be brought on and offline to meet peak load variation).

Doing the math for Zappy:

    19.6#/gallon / 40m/gallon = .49#CO2/mile on gasoline
    1.3#/kWhr / 3.0m/kWhr = .43#CO2/mile on utility power (at the plug with charging losses)
    no co2 / mile charged via photovoltaics
So.... the net is that having an all-electric car is not that much 'cleaner' than the same car on gasoline, but infinitely better if charged via Photovoltaics!

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