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On the Zivan NG-1, the aux1 'COM' and 'NO' are supposed to put out 120v when the unit is in operation according to the documentation. This runs to my safety interlock which is in-line with an interia switch, to lock out power to the main contactor solanoid while charging or in case of accident. Some people pull power from the charging outlet, but in my case I am just using the cord and plug as-is, so I wanted to avoid chopping into the cord if I could. (3/15/2009 - I don't think this is quite right... the interlock relay is not working as expected when charger is plugged in. I am thinking that the AUX terms don't actually output 120v, but are just a relay. Unfortunatly I did not really test this circuit during the last mad rush to get things together, and now I don't want to take it apart... So, it'll probably wait until I take the mid-rack out for some other reason... )

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