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After I dropped one of my brand new batteries on its corner on a concrete floor... the case cracked and leaked all the acid out of one cell. I was going to scrap it, but after talking with tech support at US Battery, I started hoping I could repair it and save the cost of replacement.

I emptied the remainder of the acid, scuffed up the surface, and attempted to 'smush' together the edges of the crack while heating with the pencil tip of my Leister plastic welder. This turned out to be problematic as I had the heat alittle high, and the process of pushing the edges together without having a solid backing created a larger and larger hole. I gave up for a while as I did not yet have my polypro sheet or welding rod.

After welding the polypro panels in the rear battery rack, I decided to tackle a last attempt to repar the case using the speed-weld tip and rod to add material. I prepared the local surface by roughing with a wood rasp file, and then welded on a series of rod across the open gap. After cooling I went back with a second layer to fill in between rods and get a solid surface. I then filed flat to aproximately the original dimensions so that it would fit nicely in the rack. I refilled with electrolyte from the auto store, and am hoping that since the batteries were brand new the cells will basically still be balanced after a few charge cycles.

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