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There is only about an inch of clearance between the lower pully and the chassis... so pulling the engine requires serious 'wiggling' of the tranmission... although it does NOT require actual removal of the transmission. You CAN leave speedometer cable, linkages, etc attached.

HOWEVER, there are some things you do have to prepare carefully!

  • drain transmission fluid, or it'll leak when axle is wiggled around

  • remove starter

  • loosen all transmission/engine bolts, two are hiding!

  • remove tranny sheet metal cover near oil pan

  • remove rear engine mount and trans mount bolts

  • remove lower trans bracket on mount

  • support trannny with floor jack

  • remove driver's side bracket bolts

    raise engine, lower tranny, and wiggle. Once engine clears, remove bolts and gently pry engine from tranny.

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